Hello Family!

P1040288 It has already been 3 weeks! The time has flown! 3 weeks, and 3 baptisms. This week we had 2 more. Sister Ahh and Sister Bop. But lets pickup where I left off last Monday. At FHE last Monday we played “Mafia” with a ton of our investigators and members. It was a ton of fun, and everyone bonded together. The next day we had a service project at 2, so we woke up early to teach a lesson. Afterwards we didn’t have time to go eat, so we rushed to a 7-11 and got milk, and brought it home. Elder Martin made a ton of macaroni he got from home, and mixed it with ramen noodles. It was awesome! All American food is awesome at this point. P1030230We then got dressed and loaded into the back of Jackie’s pickup truck to an older members house. She was an old lady, an also a hoarder. Her house was full of trash, spiders, and cockroaches. We cleared tons of trash out of her house, and piled it on the street. We cleared her garage, and moved her car to the other side. At the end of all of it, she wanted us to put the trash back where it was. She didn’t want to throw any of it away! She wanted to keep it all. So it was a strange project. Later that night we taught English and had a lot of fun! The next day we made the biggest omelet ever, it was 24 eggs. We had so many, and we had to get rid of them somehow. We then went to the mall and did some inviting. The manager lady got mad again and took photos and videos, saying she will show them to the police. We didn’t care, but left anyways to let her calm down. Salvation is at stake! We then rode around the town and did a ton of inviting. We then went to the mall and tore up the parking lot. One of the workers there really likes us, so he gave us cokes! I saw my first fight ever in Thailand. About 12 guys jumped this Thai teen wearing a motorcycle helmet, and started to beat him down and kick him. His helmet saved him, and security rushed in and scattered the assailants. He was all right, and security caught one of the kids. Later that night we had the baptism of Sister Ahh! She was baptized at 6:30, and she is now a super strong member in the ward. The next day was a normal day of inviting until the baptism of Sister Bop. I gave the opening prayer, and also tried to “Conduct” the music. I’m not that good at it! Elder Lodwick baptized her, and she is awesome. She is the one we met by buying messenger bags to be obedient, so she drew on the bag we bought from her. She is amazing. That day I also learned how to play “Leave No Man Behind” from Black-Hawk Down on the piano. The next day we ran to the post office. We then ate at a place called Roma, and Italian place owned by a white guy. While we were eating we saw the Captain America shield guy, this time he was wearing a Daft Punk helmet. He waved and gave us the peace sign. We then taught 3 new girls. The best one was named James. They all accepted baptism. We then taught Amm and Gan. They are being stubborn with changing religions, but they were both sick so we gave them both a blessing. I anointed. We then did some inviting at the mall. On the way there we saw a police blockade. They were stopping all the motorcyclists without helmets and making them pay fines. We had our helmets on so we were good. We then watched “Finding Faith in Christ” with Bop at the church. It is hilarious in Thai! The next day we invited at the mall for almost 4 hours. We specifically prayed for miracles that day, and I got 3 awesome phone numbers, One from a lady handing out flyers, a co-worker of Bop’s, and a stoned guy who gave me a wrong number, and then when I asked him for it again, he gave me his real one. I talked to this super old, white guy, atheist we see a lot, and actually had a good conversation with him. He told me all about how he was alive in Germany during WWII, his life, his travels, and how he is fluent in 5 languages. I cleared up misconceptions about out religion, and almost got him to go to church. When I asked for his number he said, ” You do not need it, we will meet again” and vanished into the crowed of people. Later we taught 2 old ladies, and they are super good! They accepted baptism.

That night we taught a girl named “Duen” she was really good. The next day was church. We had 56 attending, with 10 investigators.. We followed up with the grandmas, and one has already read to Mosiah in one day! Remember that old guy who has a ton of faith, couldn’t walk, and we gave him a blessing? That was Brother Lek. He showed up at church, and he was walking. They made him gain his testimony. He sat at the front and someone held a mic for him. He talked the entire time, about life, temples, and at on point I wasn’t paying attention, and heard him say “…and I crapped myself!” I had to leave the room. They made to make him stop cause we had no time. At the end he said ” You all think this is boring! But I will do it again NEXT WEEK!” it was so funny. We chilled at the church, and I rolled around in a wheel chair that was meant for Lek, but he obviously didn’t need it. That night we had a huge 2 hour discussion with all of the Elders, it was a really good experience, and we all shared strengths and weaknesses. Today was a good day. We woke up and helped the other Elders teach a girl named Nek, P1030198
who has accepted baptism for tomorrow, and Plang which means “song” in Thai. We got Plang to accept. We did some shopping, saw Bop, and went back to the church. We saw The Captain America shield guy again! He buzzed by us on a sick motorbike, and he had a new costume on. He had a handmade suit of armor from the old show “Beetle Borgs” he gave us the peace sign again, he’s awesome. So now we are here, emailing. We figured out the Duay is a hairstylist, so we will be going there to get some trimming down, and then off to FHE for some fun. It has only been weeks, but they have been a blast. I have met awesome people, and cannot wait for two years of this life. It is something that everyone should do.

-Elder Ridings


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