Amazing work happening in Thailand

Hello Family!

P1020258[1]Things are going amazing here in Thailand. This week we have two baptisms lined up, with two more the week after. One of the girls getting baptized is someone I contacted! Before we get to that, let me pick up where I left off last week.


On P-Day we finally got desks! The smallest cheapest things they had, with little stools for chairs. We rode in the back of a truck with them to our house, but then had to carry them because a fallen stone column blocked the entrance of our neighborhood. One of the other problems we had was bedding. We slept on blankets on the tile ground. To fix this problem we went to the mall we like to proselyte in. We bought groceries, and then went mattress hunting. We found picnic mattresses, the type you take to the park, and took them home. We went home with groceries, eggs, and mattresses… into oncoming traffic, on bikes. I almost got hit twice. P1010997[1]One thing you learn about Thai traffic laws is that there are no laws. We regularly shoot between traffic, and dodge cars. We now sleep in comfort finally. That night we hosted FHE, and played a ton of games with the YSA people. We played the game “Ninja” and I dominated. It was the first time for the Thais. The next Morning we had a District Meeting where we discussed some goals. We watched a super inspirational video about bringing people to Christ, and then went to the Mall and tore it up. In total we got 34 phone numbers in just a few hours. We met a ton of people, and I contacted one of the employees, a young girl named “Auh”. We set up an appointment for her that Friday. Tuesday night after our inviting spree, we taught an English class. Every Tuesday we teach English for free, and that night we taught about 28 people. I translated some sort of school brochure for a lady, and we played fun games with our students. We went to bed super tire that night. The next day we biked about 3 miles to “Big C,” the Asian equivalent of Wal-Mart. It is like half mall, hall Wal-mart. I have never seen so much badly translated English in my life. We got a ton of numbers there, and got some awesome work done. I got a lot of people to promise to come to church. When I see people staring, I just hold up a Jesus pass-along card and point at them, and then at Jesus. In Big C we got chased by security. They hunted us through the aisles, and we literally ran and taught people at the same time. It was super fun! We managed to avoid security, and went back to the church. That night we saw another baptism of an investigator named “Bee”. It was awesome, and now she is a super strong member. We have about 9 investigators and, and one of them is very special to my companion. We had our Zone Meeting, where we were told to get messenger bags. Elder Lodwick doesn’t have one, so we went to the mall to get him one. The lady who helped us named “Bop”, with the bags saw our name tags and said “What is it you do, I see you every day in here, what is this?” she said as she looked at a pass-along card with Jesus being baptized on it. We taught her right there in the mall, two days later we met again. I asked her to be baptized and she said yes! P1020018[1]That night we went to the Lantern Festival they have here. It was at a huge park, and tons of people were there. Traffic was bad, I almost got hit again, and we went a-preaching! There were too many people to ask questions, so I just walked through the crowd holding up the Baptism of Jesus on it, and stared into people’s eyes, searching their very souls! If they looked away from me, I kept walking. If they held eye contact, I went up to them and began my inviting. I got so many phone numbers that night, we had to make 43 phone calls before bed. At the festival we saw Dow. She said she is still thinking about baptism, but wants to ‘study more”. She wants to have a vision like Joseph Smith, so we had to explain to her what faith is. We are really worried about her. We haven’t seen her in 2 days, she won’t answer the phone, and she didn’t go to church. Even though we have a ton of investigators, we don’t want to lose anyone, especially Dow. The next day we ate at a restaurant and went to the local university for some preaching. We ran into “Dan” outside of the 7-11 on campus. He is a worker on campus. When I asked if he wants baptism he said yes! I was super surprised, and got his number. We also ran into a man named “Chode”. He was sitting on a bench in the university smoking and when we looked at him, he called us over. As soon as he saw our name tags he started yelling “I love God!” in English over and over! We sat down and taught him right then and there. He wanted to be baptized that night! They have to go to church twice first. He is amazing and funny. He is very hyper, excited, and talks really fast. He is totally into our teachings. When we told him smoking was bad, he chucked his cigarette like a mile! He then gave us his lighter and smokes. He will be getting baptized in 2 weeks. That night we met with a senior couple called the Peterson’s who are here to bring Less Active (LA’s) members back. We ate at an Italian restaurant that night, and made plans. The next day we all split up and went to visit the LA’s. We visited a Brother “Bop” who got offended and stopped coming to church. We talked for 3 hours, and finally got him convinced to come back. We did some more preaching at the mall, lessons, and went out to eat at “Jeffer’s” with all the missionaries. That night the key broke in the lock, so we had to wait for the other Elders to come home. We only have one key now. The next day we visited a new member named Brother “Rod” which translates to “Brother Save” He is an old guy who is super nice, and dresses super classy. We taught him in his house, a shack, by the railroad tracks. He is a super humble and amazing man. The next day was Sunday, and 7 of our investigators showed up! We had 53 people come to church that day. I gave my testimony in Thai, and then we took our investigators to their classes. We had Brothers “Dan” and “Chode” and Sisters “Ying”, “Jane”, “Book”, “Bop”, and “ Auh”. We taught Dan after church, and he was super excited and wants to get baptized on the 30th! Buriram, needs 15 tithe paying, Melchizedek Priesthood holders to become a ward, and we are almost there.

Today we went to a Wat, Buddhist temple. We got amazing photos and videos, and had an awesome experience there, and saw some monks. Tomorrow we are doing a ton of teaching. This place will be a ward before it is over with, and we are on the fast-track to get it there.


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