Last P-DAY!

Hello Family!

Things are going good over here in boot camp. If you read the title, you know what it means. This is my last free Monday at the MTC. As of today, I have 7 days left. No more crowded cafeterias, no more 12 -hour classes, no more girls you aren’t allowed to chat it up with! I am super excited to finally get to Thailand, and super excited to speak to the Thai people. Honestly, I don’t feel prepared enough in the language. I thought I would know a lot more by now than I actually do! But I’m not too worried. I know I will pick it up in Thailand and be fluent in no time. I’m going to have a crazy accent when I get back. It will be some sort of mix between Southern and Thai! The lessons have been going good here.


We are teaching a new guy named “Mickey” as in the Disney character. For one of the lessons my friend, Elder Magera, came in as a church member named “Wat”. For some reason, I came up with the Idea for Wat to have no legs. So I pushed Magera in on a chair and our teacher started laughing! It was a great lesson, but on the way out, Wat hit a bump, and I spilled him out of his chair onto the floor! Whoops. Mickey accepted baptism, but we have to teach him all the lessons first. Remember Sang, our hardest investigator, well, we got her to finally accept baptism! It was a great experience. She had been having troubles with coffee and the word of wisdom, but I taught an amazing lesson and got her to promise to never drink again. We taught her for the last time on Friday. After we were done, our teacher told us about the real life Sang. In real life, Sang was actually a guy and didn’t join the church. I told our teacher that if we are in Sang’s area, I’m going to find him.


Thank you for all the packages, especially that harmonica! I have been practicing with it and have gotten pretty good. So I have made a huge list of things I want to do, and I continually add to it. One of the things I want to is learn to play the piano. I printed out some songs, and I practice on p-days. I will continue to do so in Thailand, and hopefully I can play when I get back!

We have been having an awesome time with the new Thais. Me and Sister Remington have been having some good days in the gym and playing 4-square. She went to BYU with me, and there are so many things that we both did together, that we had to


have been standing next to each other at some point.  We are totally hanging out when we get back and everyone is going to have a big mission reunion. I have gotten a ton of emails from other Elders and Sisters, so I will be staying in touch with a lot of people.

So through certain means, circumstances, and deals, I acquired a mini fridge. We put it in the closet and store food and drinks in it. It is an awesome addition to the room, soI took a ton of pictures with it.

Another cool lesson we taught Mickey was about the Apostasy and Restoration. At a certain point in the lesson, I asked him to read the word “Apostasy,” and as soon as he did, I turned out the lights and asked him to read another word. He could not because it was too dark. I explained to him that this is what the Apostasy was like, “But God had a plan…” at that point I turned on a flashlight, so he could finally read the word. The word was “Restoration”. It was an awesome lesson if I do say so myself.

Yesterday we walked around the temple and took a ton of zone pictures. I got a ton of photos with every member of the zone. Such as Elder Darby (From Canada), Sister Remington (Also from Canada), Elder Slabaugh.

For my Birthday yesterday, I got a ton of cards, gifts, hugs, and people singing at me all day! I got a big letter signed by everyone. And a love letter signed by my companion, Elder Chio. The letter was actually a joke by Elder Slabaugh and Magera. Apparently, my reaction was priceless, and caused a huge laugh for everyone. For my Birthday back at the residence, everyone sang for me, and I passed out a ton of cake pops for everyone. We lit the candles, and I was able to put them out by clapping over them. No spit on these treats! Afterwords, We opened the apple cider aunt Dee sent me, and we are drank it while having a good time. This was one of my favorite birthdays ever.


This morning, we woke up at 5 am and saw off the Cantonese missionaries from our zone. They should be boarding their plane right now, 11 am. Soon that will be me. In 7 days I will be on a plane to Thailand, and I couldn’t be happier. I cannot wait to serve, and eventually return to my family. This may be my last email in America, and if you don’t hear back from me, don’t send a search party. I will be doing just find in the Kingdom of Thailand. I have a mountain to climb, and I just now reached its foot. My goal is the summit, and I have a two-year climb ahead of me.

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