Arty is getting baptized…

Hello Family!

Things are still going good around here. People are kinda rioting because BYU just had an internet blackout, so none of the computers work for emailing. I managed to find a working computer in one of the classrooms, so I’m using it right now. So last Monday night I got to teach my first ever lesson to a native Thai. It was pretty challenging! Her name was “Nok” and we talked to her through Skype. She talked very fast, and used many words I don’t know, but we were able to communicate. We taught her about prayer with faith, and it was a very good lesson. We got one of our oldest investigators “Arty” to finally receive baptism. It was a wonderful experience. Afterwards, our teacher showed us a picture of the real life Arty. The teachers act like investigators they taught, and Arty was one of them.


We had an ambassador from Thailand come and see our class! He was here on business, and heard that some teenagers were learning his language and going to Thailand for 2 years. He obviously didn’t believe this “MTC” place even existed, so he came an observed us. He was an awesome guy! He loves golf, and said if my bro is ever in Thailand, he will take him out onto some Thai courses for a few rounds of golf! He had so many titles, such as “Commander, Third Class, of The Exalted Order of The White Elephant”. How cool is that?! Other than that little excitement, nothing much has happened. We are ready to get out of this place and into Thailand. Nine weeks is too long! Last Wednesday we got about 12 new Thai missionaries! They are awesome, and I’ve already made friends with all of them. We have Sister Belnap, Elder Bunker, Elder Gonzalez, Sister Johansen, Elder Magill, Elder Sagapolu, Elder Darby, Sister Burbank, Elder Graham, Sister Remington, Elder Sun, and Elder Hudson. I wish them all luck with this crazy Thai language. Our teacher sister Stolworthy came back from her honeymoon, she is now Sister Butler. It is weird calling her another name now.


When we were cleaning a building, we got to see the secret tunnels that run between the buildings, I’ll send a photo of it. I love the package you sent me! I have been practicing with that sling you gave me and soon I will be able to slay Goliath! I practice in the hallway with an eraser, and everyone is worried of getting hit! Me and Elder Chio started teaching a new investigator named “Mickey.” He seems to be a pretty cool guy. This week Elder Chio also got his Patriarchal Blessing, it was an awesome experience to attend. I have been letting Chio teach more of the lessons, since he is having a hard time with the language, and I normally do 90% of the talking. I let him talk for an entire lesson to practice, and I’m pretty sure he converted the investigator right then and there. He will be a great missionary in Thailand. I have been practicing piano. Now that I’m older, I actually want to play the piano. I have two songs that I printed out that I want to be able to play when I get home. Wish me luck! 4-square has been going good. I love it and I hate it haha. It can be super fun, and super frustrating. I am one of the best players in the MTC now, so people always try to team up against me. I have one move that Elder Hall calls “The Luigi Spike” where I hit the ball with the side of my hand like a karate chop, while making Mario noises. It is un-block able, and I only use it when people try too hard, or purposely make the game less fun for others. I am the defender of the 4 squares!


Last night I ran around with my legs through the arms of a sweatshirt, soI looked like a crazy creature. You will see it in the photos… As you can probably tell, being at the MTC this long does stuff to you. I have lost all sense of dignity. haha. Stay strong family. It has already been 2 months — only 22 to go. This service will bless your lives. As Christ said: ” And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.”

-Elder Ridings



One thought on “Arty is getting baptized…

  1. Dude. you totally creeped me out with that picture! Crazy – can’t even imagjne how to contort the body that way. Whoa – sounds like Drew needs a trip for akme Thai golf. Hmm maybe your mum and I should be his escort! Lol you will be an amazing missionary. Enjoy the journey. it will be over before you knkw it and you will have the memories and lessons forecer. So proud of you. Stay safe! Love Sis Everette


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