Speaking Thai, playing golf, and singing in the choir

Hello Family,

Things are going good here. Nothing has really changed here at the MTC. We wake up, learn the language, then pass out and get 5 hours of sleep. Fun times haha. The Language is coming along great here. I have learned how to give some good lessons and hold conversations in Thai, and I also have learned about half of the 80-character alphabet. The Thai alphabet is ridiculous! A ton of the characters make the same sound that 5 other letters do, just because the Thai did not want to lose ancient letters!

I assume things are going good with you guys, on account of your letters. And you can stop telling me about this crocodile pit of death in Thailand! I will stay away haha!

It has been kinda hectic here for a little bit. We had Richard G Scott come and talk to us. He is an AMAZING speaker and a super funny guy. I recorded his whole talk in my study journal. We also got to watch the Ogden Temple re-dedication, something I have never seen before, and got to watch Monson talk to us live. I wish you all were here!

I have still been singing in the choir. I sang at the September 16th devotional with Richard G Scott speaking. The devotional was broadcast to all the MTCs all over the world, and I got on camera 3 times! I wish you could somehow watch that devotional so you could see me singing. They passed out surveys at choir yesterday. They are picking 400 singers to sing in. General Conference! If I get in I’ll get to travel to Salt Lake and sing. You might see me on TV! I can only dream and hope at this point.

( Elder Ridings found out later in the day that he was chosen to sing!  Watch for him during General Conference)

I heard about Drew playing bare-footed in that tournament, sounds like he adapted to survive! Also the other day I learned you can get super nice, tailored suits for $60 in Thailand. If Drew or dad wants a new look, just send me your measurements!

On Wednesday I got to host new missionaries. That means I helped new missionaries like I was 5 weeks ago. It was hard to see these families crying and it reminded me of when you guys dropped me off.

I hope everyone is ok. Has dad bought any new toys for his “stress relief”? It won’t be long before you find some more vehicles in the driveway. Speaking of vehicles, Drew’s truck looks amazing! I bet he turns some heads when he drives now! Send me a photo of Sox, I have all of the dogs except for him. I miss that little ball of fur and anger! I haven’t petted a dog in forever.

We have been going crazy in the residence halls, every night is a party! I got a wig that I wear and it makes me look like a rock star. We also have fashioned golf clubs out of coat hangers, cardboard, and duck tape. We are having a tournament right now. We play it in the hallways and rooms of the residence hall. Can’t you tell we are bored? haha. Drew would be proud of our little golf games.

I have taken a ton of photos, so expect an avalanche of emails soon. I have seen some old friends, made new ones, written some short stories, and have been praying about you guys. I keep thinking about the day I come off that plane in Atlanta, in my stylish Thai suite and designer glasses haha, and see you guys again after 2 years of service. I am happy to be here, I am happy to serve, and I hope you all are happy too. Stay safe family, I love you all!

  • Elder Ridings

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