I get to get the mail

I cannot believe it has almost been a month at the MTC. Things are basically the same here, no crazy stuff, just trying to understand Thai. I bet this language is all made up, and when we get to Thailand,they all will speak English! I still miss you guys. That box of photos made my entire week get a little brighter. All of my roommates love Lord of The Rings. They are super glad I have that iPod full of it! I saw Micheal T. again. He is such a chill guy. Saturday we got to do something called the TRC, which all missionaries do their third week. We meet with two sets of native Thai investigators, and have to teach them in Thai for 20 minutes. It was pretty intimidating! My companion and I soon got the hang of it though, and rocked the lessons! I got into the MTC Choir, and have been singing on Sundays during the devotionals. I had to fill out a survey so that I might get picked to sing at general conference! If that happens look for me on TV! At practice yesterday, we were practicing ” Be Still My Soul” for this Tuesday’s Devotional. It will be broadcast to all the MTCs around the world, and apparently someone very special is speaking. someone who we will “write in our journals about”. I am hoping it’s someone pretty BIG. So I have been called as a Thai District Leader! I get to conduct the meetings and tell everyone what to do. haha. I also get the mail. It takes me back to the days of sorting mail at West with Mrs. Linda. haha. I am very grateful for this calling. They even sent me a letter congratulating me. I attached it to this email. Our districts have become super close, and I have made a lot of lasting friends here. We play all sorts of sports like, 4-square, volleyball, and soccer together. The oldest Thai missionaries left today, so we are now the oldest, and only, Thai missionaries left. We get some new Thai’s sometime in October. I have made friends with some of the Chinese missionaries, including a Colombian by the name of Wheeler. I told Wheeler about Mr. Rocklein, and how his son is Columbian. I hope everyone from college and high school are doing well, Is Mrs. Carnes still rocking the attendance window? haha. I’ve been working out here. I use the pull-up bar, do push-ups, and curl my desk chair since I don’t have any dumbbells. All you can really do in your free time is workout. I miss knowing what is going on in the world, it’s like we are in North Korea! We are cut off from the world, we can see free America, but it’s on the other side of a tall fence. So has the world gone crazy yet? Haha I hope not! Send me some more pictures sometime, including ones of my Hummer! I miss my baby. I hope you all are doing fine, I miss Drew a lot. It is not fun being cut off from your bro. I wish him good luck in his golf. Last night I realized I will miss his graduation, and that made me pretty upset. He is the oldest child now. I hope he will bear it well. I know Drew is a thinker and a free spirit. He will have no trouble forging his own path. I miss dad too, and you too mom. I hope you can deal with only one child. It’s a lot less people to clean up after! haha. Thai is going well, I can hold a conversation and teach pretty well. Apparently you can soapbox preach in Thailand. I’m totally going to do that and draw a huge crowd of people!. The MTC takes volunteers to roam around campus and talk to missionaries. I have run into a lot of old friends from college, and I have run into Kyle about 5 times. I can’t call him Elder Miller. He will always be Kyle to me! Send me some more ties! Stay strong Mi Familia, I miss you guys and pray for you always! Love you guys!

-Elder Ridings


3 thoughts on “I get to get the mail

  1. We are praying for you Elder Ridings! We are so happy that you are at the MTC singing! Our Michael was so glad to catch lunch with you before he started his class…keep that up please! Much Love, Sister Julie Smith


  2. Congratulations, Davis, on your numerous accomplishments, not the least of which is learning Thai! Good luck with the names-they have always tested my linguistic skills with their consonant combinations! I am curious-does your training time count towards your two years? Have fun in Thailand and definitely enjoy the beaches; they were always a favorite destination among the expats I knew in Japan.

    Be cool and love the people!!


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