Week two in the MTC

Hello Dear Family!

So I’ve made it to week two already, can you believe that? It just feels like yesterday that I stepped onto the MTC curb and proceeded to cry myself to sleep that night haha. I feel like the veteran of some old war. This place is like EFY on steroids. Every day I’m learning the language, going to talks, and studying to be a good missionary. I’m ready to get out of here and get to Thailand! I only know how to preach in Thai, I don’t even know how to ask “where’s the bathroom?” but I’m ready to hop on that plane and get going! During some of our free time we have gone into Goggle maps and the street view of Thailand and it looks AMAZING. I want to vacation there when my Mission is over. Even though I am having a good time and have adjusted, I still can get sad and miss you guys, my home, my friends, and my old life. Sometimes iIwonder if I made the right decision. Then I attend a talk by someone like Bednar, and here a story from a senior missionary, and my motivation is recharged, and I feel ready to continue the work. I have a quote I keep in my journal, it keeps me focused, and keeps me going in the right direction. It is ” The only way out of this challenge – is through it”. I’ve committed myself. There’s no going back, no quitting, no dropping out. My mission is to serve in Thailand, and right now there is another living, breathing person waiting for me to knock on there door and change their life forever. It doesn’t matter how many people turn me away, how many doors get slammed in my face, or how much they may hate me. As long as I help that one person, these two years of my life will be worth it. Abinadi was cast into prison, and eventually executed for his teachings and beliefs. He didn’t get to baptize anyone, but he changed the heart of one man, Alma. So don’t worry family, I am more than ok out here, I just hope you guys can keep it together! Dad’s letter scared me! He got all existential on me, talking about football and such. When he gets existential, I know he’s having a hard time haha! Also, as soon as I can I will send a copy of my missionary tag for flat Davis. And thanks for the huge amount of Dear Elder letters! I love getting them and reading them, they make me so happy. I’ve been writing everything down in my journal, so that I can send it home once I run out of space. All of us Thai missionaries are super close now. Everyone loves me, I’m the local comedian haha. I do voice impressions and Monty Python quotes and everyone dies of laughter. It’s a daily occurrence now. Also thanks for the huge box of food, it came with 6 lbs of gummy bears! Iv’e been sharing them with everyone since there is no way I could eat them all in 8 weeks. I also hope the ward is doing good, I miss our old sacrament meetings! I can’t wait to come home and have a Thai conversation with Bro Simpson, we could have secret conversations and no one would know what we were talking about! Shout-out to Angela, Charlene, and Tina for those emails! It was super nice to see emails from non-family members haha. Tell Aunt Dee that I send my best wishes to Sam on his first week of college. I remember the stress and anxiety of it, but before long Sam will be an expert at it. And I heard Wayne did the ice bucket challenge! I wish I was still a seminary student with him and Amy so I could have helped dump that bucket! Also Dad, seriously? You bought a Razor AFTER I left home for good? Now that’s just mean. Here I am, having to worry about getting run over by elephants in the street, and you’re off buying new toys! When I get home I’m taking it for a spin around the neighborhood. Well that’s all for now folks. I love you guys and can’t wait to see you again. Stay strong, and don’t go too crazy!

-Elder Ridings


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